January 14, 2021

Embrace Young Living

Young Living–So Much More Than Essential Oils!

Oils Premium Starter Kit

I originally bought my essential oil Premium Starter Kit in 2017 because I was looking for help dealing with some pretty strong emotions during cancer treatment. While the kit I purchased had 11 oils, it now has 12 oils and the option for the beautiful Desert Mist diffuser (my favorite). You can learn more about the essential oils Premium Starter Kit here.

Thieves Premium Starter Kit

What I didn’t know when I ordered my oils kit was how Young Living would transform how I clean. I was really skeptical that a plant-based cleaner would get anything clean. But my friend convinced me to try it. It worked wonderfully. It got my mirrors and windows crystal clear, was amazing at cutting grease and grime, and it smells great! The best part? It does not aggravate my asthma!!! I had literally been looking for a cleaner that works and allows me to breathe at the same time for years!

One bottle of cleaner for $22.50 wholesale sounds expensive until you realize it is very concentrated. Add one capful to a 16 ounce spray bottle and you’re good to go! That one bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner actually makes around 25 spray bottles. That’s less than $1 per 16 ounces that you make!

One of the best things Young Living has is NingXia Red. This is chock-full of powerful antioxidants and vitamins. The main juice is from the NingXia Wolfberry (also known as Golgi berry) which has 2-4 times more antioxidants than blueberries. But blueberries are also in this powerhouse blend. A daily serving is just 1 to 2 ounces, so a bottle can last 3 weeks for one person. Or you can purchase a box of 30 packets for a month’s supply.

NingXia Red Starter Kit


The supplements are one of Young Living’s best secrets. All their supplements are made from natural ingredients which are then infused with essential oils to ramp up absorption and effectiveness. My favorites include Super B, Super C, Immupro, PowerGize, AgileEase, Life9 and more. Yes, I can tell a HUGE difference when I forget to take them!

CBD Nature’s Ultra Starter Kit

CBD is Young Living’s newest line. It is pure CBD with 0.0% THC so there is no chance of getting any kind of “high” from these products. That is confirmed by Young Living’s lab plus an independent lab on EVERY batch of CBD made.

All of Nature’s Ultra products are infused with Young Living’s superior essential oils. The oils give the CBD an additional punch. Simply put, you will not find a similar product anywhere on the market!

The CBD products, as well as the kit, come in regular and extra strength. The Kit includes the 3 most popular products: CBD Muscle Rub, CBD Citrus oil, and the CBD Calm Roll-on.


Why have I focused so much on the starter kits? Because purchasing any one of the starter kits gives you LIFETIME membership with Young Living, which means 24% off all retail prices! There is never any obligation to ever purchase anything else, and never any additional membership fees. The kits also give you the best bang for your buck as purchasing each item separately, even at wholesale, would cost more.

To get started, simply go to YoungLiving.com and choose the kit you want. You do NOT ever have to sell anything; but you will always have that option. The Thieves, NingXia, and CBD kits are under the “Other Premium Kits” tab. The Specialty Kits tab includes kits in Spanish and a Military oils kit to comply with APO shipping.

After you choose your kit, you will see ” Would you like to enroll in Essential Rewards and earn free products?” This is a totally optional program that saves you money when you order regularly. What I usually recommend is the essential oils Premium Starter Kit and choose “yes” to enroll in Essential Rewards. Then choose “yes” to make your kit your first Essential Rewards order, and get 10 points back to redeem later for free products!

After that you have the option to set up your first monthly order. The easiest choice is the Thieves Essential Rewards Kit, which gives you almost every Thieves product. When combined with the essential oils kit, you are off to a great start in making your home toxin free! Or you can customize your order. The only requirement for Essential Rewards is you must order $50 per month. But YOU choose the items you want each and every month.

The benefits:

A generous points back rewards program. Compare this to your favorite credit card!

FREE gifts on months 3, 6, 9

FREE exclusive Loyalty oil every 12 months

More FREE products when you spend 190, 250, and 300pv.

The next page of the ordering process will ask for your personal information (name, shipping, etc) and will ask you to create a password and PIN. Write down your PIN! You will need it if you ever need to contact Young Living!

It will also ask if you have a sponsor. If you were referred to this website by someone else, please bless them by entering their number as both your Sponsor and Enroller. If not, I would be honored to sponsor you. My number is 12497399.

Once you have completed your order, please email me at denise@emblace.com so I can welcome you to my group of Young Living users. Young Living will also notify me, so don’t worry if you’re not comfortable contacting me. I will still get a welcome packet mailed out to you.

Welcome Aboard!