January 14, 2021

Embrace Young Living Oils

As you may have read on other pages of my website, I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and products shortly after my surgery for breast cancer.  They have since become one of my biggest passions as I’ve seen them work again and again.  I especially love the fact they are the natural oils of the plant, designed by God for our use. Distillation merely concentrates all the amazing goodness already there!

Young Living is the essential oil leader of the world because of its determination to produce the purest, most effective oils possible. The best way to purchase from Young Living is to start with one of the Premium Starter Kits. Not only does it give you a great way to get started, you save money! When you purchase a Premium Starter Kit, you get free lifetime wholesale membership….with 24% off retail on every purchase!  In addition, the kits are discounted below wholesale, so you save more money than buying the products individually!

What Are Essential Oils?

Plants produce two types of oils. The fatty oils used for cooking are familiar to everyone. Essential oils have a texture more like water. They are the defense and communication system of plants. Typically they are found are in the flowers, seeds, stems or leaves, but sometimes it is in the bark (like the cinnamon tree). When properly extracted, the oils contain hundreds of chemical compounds. Together these compounds provide awesome support for the various systems of the human body. As you might imagine, it takes a lot of plants to make one bottle of essential oil

How I Started Using Essential Oils

I had never really thought about essential oils; the only reason I knew they existed was because I work at a retail store that carries cheap varieties. After my lumpectomy for breast cancer, a friend brought by a meal and some essential oils to try to help elevate my mood. I chose Lavender initially, then bought StressAway a few days later.

StressAway has become my go-to oil when I need an emotional lift. Lavender also became an essential part of my daily routine because it supports my skin as well as mood. Then I ran out of Lavender. There was a marked difference in my overall mood. Lavender is now one of the oils I make sure I always have on hand! The more I use these oils, the more hooked I become.  Click here for my review of the 12 oils in the kit.

And Thieves Cleaners–they work better than the chemical-laden stuff I was buying in the stores! Click here to learn more about these cleaners.

How To Apply Oils

Essential oils can be inhaled or rubbed onto the skin to support the human body. The molecular chains of the oils are so tiny they are easily inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

The areas of best skin absorption are behind the ear, the forehead, and the back of the neck.The bottom of the foot is another excellent place as the pores are larger. Right after a shower the pores are wide open, allowing rapid absorption. There are some oils that must be diluted with an organic cold-pressed carrier oil (olive, coconut, jojoboa, almond, etc) before being applied. When trying an oil for the first time, always have one of these oils nearby to rub on if irritation occurs.

Some Young Living oils may also be ingested, such as orange, clove, oregano, etc. All of the oils that may be ingested will clearly be stated on the labels. Young Living’s edible oils are grouped in the Vitality line. Be sure to always use glass or stainless steel; never use a plastic drinking glass for oils.

Do NOT drink any oil by another brand. Even if the bottle’s label says pure Therapeutic essential oil, the FDA only requires 5% of the bottle to have essential oil in order to be labeled “Pure”. There’s no telling what’s in that bottle!

Young Living is the ONLY essential oil company whose oils are FDA approved for internal consumption. Young Living’s Vitality line of essential oils have also been Non-GMO project certified.

I love to drink Peppermint Vitality in hot chocolate. It helps me wake up in the morning and supports my digestive system. Sometimes I will put a single drop under my tongue to freshen my breath. (Caution: Peppermint has a spicy zing.  Have milk on hand to drink if the heat bothers you.)

I’ll be honest: I initially bought from Young Living because that was what my friend shared with me to help with the challenges I was facing. I knew it worked from the sample she gave me. I attended a free class to learn more about the oils, intending to only order one or two.  I nearly skipped the class because it had been a stressful day at work on top of the stress of dealing with breast cancer. I’m glad I went. 

Usually at classes or home parties I’m nervous throughout. I started nervous and stressed, but at the end of the hour I was completely relaxed. Why?  The leader passed around the bottles in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit. She had us smell each one then dab a drop on our wrists, arms, back of neck, etc. She also had a diffuser running, atomizing a relaxing oil throughout the room. I purchased my kit that night.

Seed to Seal

Young Living’s unique Seed to Seal guarantee sealed my loyalty. The Seed to Seal guarantee is based on the fact that Young Living owns their own farms; and before purchasing land they first research back 100 years to ensure no pesticides or herbicides have been used on the soil.

It’s crucial that essential oils be 100% pure because so many plants must be used to make a single bottle of oil. Not only are the beneficial properties of the plants magnified, anything else that is on the plants at harvest ends up in the bottle. This is why Young Living never uses pesticides or herbicides on their plants.

They also have their own distillers on the farms, which enables Young Living to process the oil at the height of its molecular constituency. The oil is also tested at the end of distillation process  to ensure quality before being bottled. Then Young Living tests random bottles to ensure they meet their exacting standards.  And just to be sure, they send bottles out to independent labs for further testing. Young Living truly lives up to their Seed to Seal guarantee.

Young Living was the first company in the U.S. to grow and distill their own oils. It pioneered the essential oil industry and has been in business for 25 years. Each year they track the growing conditions and the molecular constituents of that year’s harvest. All that information is kept in a large database, which is studied by scientists in a continuing effort to improve quality and consistency.There are no other essential oil companies that have access to such a huge database of research. Nor do they have a guarantee similar to Young Living’s Seed to Seal.

Recommended First Purchase

The best first Young Living purchase you can make is any of the Premium Starter Kits: essential oils, Thieves cleaners, NingXia Red or Savvy Minerals Makeup.  Click here to see all the choices: Young Living Premium Starter Kits. You can’t go wrong with any of them.  I started with the oils kit, but I highly recommend all of them. My overview of the 12 oils is here.

Essential Oil Premium Starter Kit

The essential oils kit contains 12 oils, 2 sample packs of Ningxia Red, a Product Guide, a sample packet of Thieves Mints, and your choice of diffuser. (I recommend the Desert Mist diffuser pictured above.) The oils include 5 vitality oils that can be taken internally: Digize, Thieves, Lemon, Peppermint, and Citrus Fresh. There are also 5 oils that may be applied to the skin or inhaled: Raven, Valor, Frankincense, Lavender, PanAway. This year’s kit has TWO bonus oils: StressAway and Peace & Calming! The kit comes with your choice of 1 of 4 diffusers. Click HERE to learn more about the 12 oils!

To order, go to Young Living and choose your starter kit!

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