January 15, 2021

EmbLace Designs

Emblace began as a blog devoted to FSL (free standing lace) machine embroidery: “Embrace the Embroidered Free Standing Lace.” The designs here are all available for purchase in my Etsy shop as finished products; most are also available as digital designs you can download and sew for yourself on your own embroidery machine.

I’m relatively new to machine embroidery and digitizing. I’m definitely thankful for YouTube how-to videos! Sadly there are very few videos or how-to’s on digitizing FSL (at least that I can find). Hopefully I can pass along a few tricks I’ve learned along the way.

This was my first successful FSL design, and it taught me a lot! It is available for purchase in my Esty shop both as a finished product (bookmark size) and as a design you can download and sew yourself with an embroidery machine.

I also have a regular embroidery design of this bear that would be great sewn on a towel; I just haven’t totally perfected that yet. (I got too excited when the FSL design appeared to be working!) Soon I will post some tips I learned while digitizing this teddy bear.

I have plans give this teddy bear a t-shirt with a name. I digitized an original, tweaked it, and need to tweak it again. But my friend loved the bears with her kiddos’ names…even if they weren’t perfect yet.

Currently this cute kitty is my most popular-selling design. Don’t those addorable big eyes just draw you in?!

This baby elephant is also very popular. Believe it or not, getting the tail correct was the hardest part! I do plan to add more baby wild animals in the future.

My sister-in law requested I design an ear of corn. It came out far better than I had hoped! It is also the thickest of my designs as getting the texture right required several layers of sewing.

Sadly I had to put my embroidery on hold for about 2 years due to cancer treatments. While I only underwent an aggressive radiation regimen with no chemotherapy, the radiation still took a heavy toll on my body. Most days I barely made it through my day job. There was no energy left for my family, let alone fun.

During this time I was introduced to Young Living essential oils and EmbLace followed my life-changing pivot. I found I could easily share about essential oils, even when my energy was zero.

I designed this cross during the beginning of my treatments; it was exactly what I needed to remind myself that God is always with me. It was not only His promise to always be with me, but that one day I would regain my health and energy and be able to do the things I love again.

This Love Is Wall Quilt was the last item I designed before being diagnosed with cancer. This particular wall quilt, shown in the photo, hangs in my church’s library.

These teardrop earrings were my first attempt at making diffuser jewelry. They started as a pendant for a necklace but were too light. So I shrank them down into earrings.

The best way to use these is to hold them in the palm of your hand and place 1 drop of essential oil in the center. Then put the earrings in your ears. Rub your hands together to help absorb the excess oil.

When my daughter got into Young Living oils and started making diffuser necklaces I started thinking how I could incorporate the lava beads into emboidered earrings. These heart earring are my favorite jewelry design so far! The lava bead absorbs essential oils better than the embroidery floss and the scent lasts for hours.

Ultra-successful team leaders in Young Living are called “Diamonds.” I designed these earrings for a Young Living special event.

One of the things I love best as a seller of embroidered products is I can make 6 earrings at once. All the diffuser jewelry designs will be listed on my Etsy shop soon. But you can already buy the finished earrings there.

If you’re interested in purchasing some of my designs, or the finished products, check out my Etsy shop. Every design is tested by me, tweaked, tested, tweaked, and tested again until it sews perfectly. Just digitizing the initial design can take 3 or more hours.  Getting it perfect usually takes several days. What looks perfect on the computer screen warps under the needle as the thread applies tension. This is especially true of FSL designs as there is no cloth for a base, only a thin, wash-a-way stabilizer.

Now that I my body is returning to pre-cancer energy levels I plan to create many more designs. I’m always looking for new ideas to digitize.

Please comment to share ideas of what you’d like to see available.

(No copyrighted items, please. I don’t have thousands of dollars to throw away in lawsuits!)

Original drawings that YOU drew can be awesome to work with! Contact me at denise@emblace.com I will tell you how to get your original drawing to me.

Denise Harris