January 15, 2021

Introducing Fashionable Face Masks by EmbLace!

2020 has been quite a challenging year! First Covid-19, then riots, now a Saharan dust storm reached Kansas today! It’s time to have some fun amidst the challenges. Introducing fashionable face masks by EmbLace!

One good thing about 2020 is I have finally recovered from cancer treatment enough to have energy to love embroidering again. As more and more people donned homemade cloth masks, it occurred to me that people would love to treat their masks as another fashion accessory.People love to express their individuality!

I spent probably 3 weeks working on the design of the mask. I wear glasses, so it was imperative the upper part fit well enough to prevent eye glass fog as much as possible. I ended up lowering where the mask rides on cheekbone and shortening the sides for a better fit. Then I tried various lengths of wire, and even wire combined with elastic, before deciding what worked best. All the masks I make have wire that goes across the entire top of the mask to hug your face. It will still allow some fogging in the cold, but it does limit fogging better than anything else I’ve tried.

Shown below are the fashion face mask designs I have so far. All are listed for sale on at etsy.com/shop/emblace for $14.95.

After I got the mask design the way I wanted, it was time to start having fun. Since I had digitized very little for 2 years, I decided to start with something simple: a panda face.

Next I wanted to make a mask for my friend who loves unicorns. It turned out much better than I thought it would! And I saw it would be very easy to turn it into a horse for my mother.

Since I made a mask for Mom, of course I had to make one for Dad. I had actually tried digitizing this in 2017, but digitizing a car is much harder than it appears. And then cancer hit. So in a way, when this finally sewed correctly (on the 20th try) it felt like I really conquered a lot!

Next I needed to make a mask for my friend’s husband. He loves eagles, so of course that’s what I wanted to design. But my first attempt broke 2 needles and finally tore a hole in the cloth. Epic Fail!

I set it aside for 2 weeks, then started over with a much simplified design. It sewed perfectly on the second try!

This design is available on the bright blue background (shown) now. By June 30 it should be available in backgrounds of black, deep blue, and a deep blue with stars. The stars are my personal favorite!

Then I designed a butterfly mask. These are the first 2 styles available. Coming soon are masks with 3 butterflies and 1-2 butterflies flitting over tulips. (I don’t know that butterflies are out when the tulips are blooming, but that’s the only flower I’ve digitized so far.)

In the last week I’ve successfully digitized several more designs: an owl, a pink girl fox, and an International Harvester 1950 tractor for a friend. They will be listed on Etsy as soon as I get photos taken.

Designing these unique face masks has been great fun and a perfect fit for the embroidery portion of my business. Check out my page “EmbLace Designs” to see some of the other items I’ve digitized.

Do you have design you’d like to see? Comment below, or email me, or message me thru etsy. Do be aware I will not digitize anything that is copyrighted or trademarked by another company. Nor will I do anything vulgar or curse words. I specialize in family-friendly designs.

Thanks for visiting! My work can be found at esty.com/shop/emblace .

Please comment below what you think of my designs or suggestions of new family-friendly designs I should try!

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