December 4, 2020

Embrace Your Precious Jewels

Teddy Bear Family. Photo by MirelaSchenk on

I woke up today thinking of the four precious gifts God has given me–my children. Psalm 17:8 says “Keep me as the apple of the eye; Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.”  I found this very comforting as a young Christian.

Yet as my children have grown into adulthood I have discovered deeper feelings associated with being the apple of God’s eye.  Each of my children is the apple of my eye, precious jewels God has given me to treasure. Before motherhood I couldn’t fathom how every child could be your favorite. Now I know.  And it is true. Each child is my favorite because each is an individual jewel that sparkles in his/her own way and each has a special hold on my heart. While each one of them has their own gifting and strengths that help make them who they are, those are not what make them precious to me.

Gemstones. Photo taken by Brett_Hondow on

I was fascinated with geodes as a child and still love the infinite beautiful varieties.  This picture helps illustrate how I see each of my children–only much more precious than the common geodes.  If you look carefully, you can see unique features in each stone that will never be found exactly the same way in any other stone. Some of these are polished, some are still very rough–much as small children who haven’t yet discovered their unique gifts.

My Spider in Amber

My oldest child is my son. The only boy, he would already be unique, but God decided to add extra facets to him. Mankind has designated them as flaws and given them the labels of retardation and autism. It took many years, but I can now glimpse how God really intended those “flaws” to be precious facets that help make up who he is. His favorite color is orange, so I have chosen amber to represent him.

Heart Pendant Made of Amber
Photo courtesy of JacekAbramowicz at
Heart Pendant Made of Amber
Photo courtesy of JacekAbramowicz at

Amber is an orange resin that forms when a tree trunk is injured. When it hardens and becomes fossilized, that resin turns into a precious amber jewel. This is the jewel that sometimes has an insect trapped inside and was the basis for the “science” in Jurassic Park that enabled the movie’s scientists to access dinosaur DNA.

spider trapped in amber
Spider Trapped in Amber
Photo from

In a way I see my son’s true capabilities encased inside the jewel that makes him who he is. He is fascinated with weather and I wonder if he might have gone into meteorology if God had designed him slightly different. As it is, he loves anything electronic and is better at setting up the tv, DVD player,game systems, etc than I am. 

The spider inside the amber is also a perfect representation of him. He is in Special Olympics and can dead lift 300 pounds. His favorite superhero is Spiderman; and that is what his power lifting teammates and coaches call him.

My Emerald

Emerald © Can Stock Photo / karelindmitriy
Emerald © Can Stock Photo / karelindmitriy

My oldest daughter is also my right arm.  God gave her a nurturing spirit with a twist of quirky humor inherited from my husband’s father. While many adults can’t wait to spread their wings, she has humbly followed God’s leading to remain at home and care for her brother and youngest sister during the day.

She literally took over the entire household while I battled cancer. She did 95% of the housework while I was recovering from radiation treatments and came home from work exhausted each day.

Although she has chosen a path rarely taken by young adults, I know God will honor and bless her for it. An artist at heart, she excels in creating yummy new recipes. Most of the recipes I post here are her creations.

While she chose to remain at home, she is growing entrepreneurial wings. She creates beautiful jewelry, which you can find at her Etsy shop VioletOpalThreads . She has also joined me as an independent distributor for Young Living. I chose the Emerald to represent her because she is a precious stone with hidden gold streaks, still being formed and polished by God. She is the child who inherited my mother’s green thumb and who has always kept our flowers healthy and happy.

Silver butterfly necklace
Airy Fairy Butterfly Necklace made by my daughter. One of many pieces of jewelry she has for sale at

My Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond
Blue Diamond. Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

My middle daughter is my “tough as diamonds” child. She has a fiercely independent nature and an inner strength many people would envy. She also values her privacy, so I will keep her description brief. As an adult, I can see God is using that strong will to overcome challenging obstacles. She is my animal lover who never met a critter she didn’t instantly want to keep. I chose the blue diamond for her because not only is she tough, she’s a rare and beautiful gem.

My Amethyst

Purple Amethyst
Photo by Alusruvi at
Purple Amethyst
Photo by Alusruvi at

My youngest daughter is not an adult yet and is still being shaped by God. Born when the older three were teenagers, in some ways she has been raised as an only child. Her greatest strength is her willingness to help others.

She was raised around Special Olympians and has the special gift of accepting everyone just as they are. To her there are no special needs people; just people who are her friends. And just like her sisters, I had to explain to her (when she hit middle school) what the term “special needs” even means.

She has decided she wants to do YouTube animations, and is building quite a following. A true artist, she views things very differently from our task-driven society. As she grows into adulthood she will have to find her own path–just like the rest of us did. Her favorite color is deep purple, which is why I chose Amethyst.

The Apples of My Eye–My Precious Jewels

As you can see, each of my children is uniquely designed by God and is precious to me. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my musings today. More importantly, I hope it gives you a different view of your own children. What precious gemstones do you have in your family?


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