August 12, 2020


Embrace a Legacy of Life & Love

Welcome!  I’m so glad you’re here!  EmbLace is a website dedicated to encouraging you to embrace life and love–your own personal legacy to your family.

I started this website initially as a way to share my lacey machine embroidery designs, which is where the name “EmbLace” came from. However in April 2017 I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Thankfully it was in its early stages and easily treated, but it caused a paradigm shift for this website.  To read my cancer story, click here.

EmbLace now means far more to me than embracing lace embroidery. It means embracing life and love and so much more. Since I love writing, I grabbed my Thesaurus for L words.

The following sections were born:

Each section has its own page, with links to other relevant pages and blog posts.  And I’m sure I will add more sections since I used a 40-year-old thesaurus and came up with 48 awesome L words!

During my cancer journey I discovered essential oils and absolutely love them!  I use Young Living’s oils, which are excellent for aroma therapy and can be applied to the skin. The Vitality Line can even be swallowed for an internal health boost. Lavender, Peppermint, StressAway, and Valor are my go-to oils now.

In fair disclosure, I must state that because I love their oils and other products so much, I became a distributor for Young Living . Their oils are not only therapeutic grade but have a Seed to Seal guarantee that their plants are grown with zero pesticides/herbicides.  Essential oils are super concentrated, so a little pesticide in the bottle could be very dangerous.  You can find more information on these oils on my Embrace Young Living page.

I hope you enjoy your visit today and come back often! I’m always happy to answer questions or read your comments below.

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