January 14, 2021

Welcome to EmbLace!

Premium Starter Kit Essential Oils Seed to Seal

Welcome to my little corner of the web. EmbLace began as an outlet for my embroidery designs but soon morphed into a way to share my love for Young Living’s essential oils and other products.

You can read my story here on how I got started with essential oils.

Or you can go here to read more about my embroidery designs or visit my Etsy shop to purchase some of my creations.

My daughter also has an Etsy shop for her handmade jewelry. She specializes in diffuser jewelry, some of it incorporating my original embroidery designs.

I will also be posting recipes, stories, and other fun things which you can find in the menu above.

The Essential Oils Premium Starter Kit is how I got started with Young Living. Please visit my page here on this kit to learn more.

Thieves Premium Starter Kit

The Thieves Premium Starter Kit is a potent collection of natural cleaners. Not only are they 100% natural, the are completely non-toxic, and they WORK! Visit my page here.

CBD Premium Starter Kit

The Nature’s Ultra CBD Premium Starter Kit is unlike any other CBD products you will find. It has 0.0% THC and is infused with Young Living’s potent essential oils!

NingXia Red is a super-potent antioxident fruit drink. It is a blend of 6 ultra-nutritious fruit juices and 4 Vitality essential oils. It packs a wallop!

Seed to Seal is Young Livings exacting standards to guarantee you will get the purest essential oils on the planet. Check out my brief explanation here.

This is a preview of a few of my original embroidery designs. The animals make great bookmarks or gift tags. Check out my design page here.